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About Us


MISSION CONNECT exists to connect willing servants and visionary churches with mission opportunities in Romania..

A.     We are a 501-C-3 non-profit organization incorporated in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

B.     We operate under a board of advisors consisting of elders and/or deacons from the Shelby Christian Church in Shelbyville, KY.

C.     Our “Visionary Team” members are from three of our supporting churches.

D.     We are presently working primarily, but not exclusively, in Romania.  Although we are focused on Romania, we may offer opportunities in other European countries as God opens doors. 


Our concept of mission is HOLISTIC, which means that we want to help:

A.     Plant new churches in new fields, with an emphasis on partnering with NATIONALS,

since they are more quickly effective in their own culture.

B.     Reach people for Christ through participation in medical services.

C.     Reach people for Christ through temporary relief of physical needs.

D.     Teach people “ how to fish” so they can provide for their own families and also support their own local churches. 

3.      HOW WE WORK  (Implementation)

Research is the first step in planting a new church in a new field. On our part, this involves making contacts through:

·         Computer networking and advance trips into a projected area to follow up network leads.

These are the questions for which we seek answers:

·         Are there other evangelicals already working in this area?

·         Is the population receptive to the Gospel?

·         What approach (es) would be most effective for a successful mission work? 

Our hope is to see American churches partner in supporting, mentoring and encouraging national evangelists on a long-term basis. (Five, ten and fifteen-year relationships)

The responsibility of MISSION CONNECT in this vision is to:

·         Search out potential national evangelists

·         Connect partnering churches with those candidates.

The responsibility of the Church would be to:

·         Support the evangelist financially—long term, but possibly on a graduating scale.

·         Send leadership teams to participate in the training of national church leaders, and to advise and encourage the work.

While medical clinics are not our primary objective, we are aware that medical help greatly enhances community outreach, especially in Eastern European countries.

Our role, as we perceive it, is to:

·         Be facilitators in recruiting medical workers from partnering churches who are interested in short-term medical mission trips abroad.

·         Connect existing Christian Church medical ministries with opportunities to open new clinics where conditions warrant such a work.

Relief efforts will continue under the existing program called “Operation Manna.”

This will incorporate:

·         Supplying food to Christian-run orphanages.

·         Funneling funds, as they become available, for land purchase, building construction, well drilling, purchase of medical supplies, and/or buying gifts for orphans.

Educational opportunities exist for “willing servants” to participate in the following:

·         Teaching agricultural skills to nationals at a model farm.

·         Teaching English as a Second Language

·         Teaching Bible seminars at a Bible Institute, or at local churches.

·         Teaching Leadership Training to church leaders and to new Christians.


We are currently making plans for implementing the following:

·         Medical trips for qualified personnel

·         Dental trips for qualified personnel

·         Agricultural trips to meet with and advise nationals on land use and crop management.

·         Supporting a local native evangelist at a salary of $3,600 per year. (Salary and car expense)

·         VBS, CAMP, and JR. CHURCH projects of raising funds to help provide for orphans;

(“Kid to kid” programs offer children an incentive to learn about needs and cultures around the world.) 


·         Ask your church to partner with a Romanian evangelist in these long-term projects.

·         Challenge each church to give monthly to credible projects.

·         Recruit capable National evangelists who can begin new cell groups immediately.

·         Oversee projects and national evangelists and require accountability.

·         Involve your Church leadership in mentoring nationals and new congregations through short-term trips.

·         Offer Children’s projects that involve “Kid to Kid” type programs. 

We believe that this WHOLISTIC approach to mission is a proven, effective method.
In the long run, it is the best investment of your mission dollars


Jerry & Mary Sweitzer
P.O. Box 3628
Peachtree City, GA 30269
Ph:  (770) 461-4778
Cell: (678) 777-3696

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