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Agricultural Projects

Sponsored by MISSION CONNECT (Jerry and Mary Sweitzer)
P.O. Box 3628 - Peachtree City, GA

      In addition to Church planting, one of the surprise projects that we have become involved with in Romania has been Christian Agricultural Projects and the development of a Model Farm.  The Romanian government is now returning land to family units that the Communists had confiscated.  These people have very little knowledge of how to use their land or to care for animals, because the younger generations grew up in the cities where the government had relocated them.  They love the land and are anxious to make it productive; they are willing to learn and anxious to provide for themselves.  Forty-three percent of the people live off the land.  Thus agricultural projects are an open door. We are involved with many projects: milk cows, goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, seeds. 

  1. A fresh milk cow ready for a Christian family costs $1,100 and prevents malnutrition. The first calf must come back to the Model Farm to be shared with others.  2. Our developing dairy herd can provide milk for orphanages and also some income to help young preacher. 3. The farm manager, looks at a Holstein calf that was implanted by an American Christian vet, the first step to developing our dairy herd.  We need help from Christian farmers here in the form of on-site consultation, and farm management knowledge. We could also use good used equipment.  Would you be interested in helping in Romania on a short-term basis?  We will provide housing

 1. A little pig ready for a poor family to feed and raise. 2. A full-grown sow, ready to have a litter of piglets.  3. Piglets not quite ready to be moved from the farm to individual families. A full-grown pig can be bought for $350. A small pig is $125.  In addition to giving away farm animals, we are also teaching the farmers how to care for their animals.  On these occasions, we also hand out Bible tracts and have opportunities to witness for Christ.

 Starter chickens provide cheap protein for a family.  Five hens and one rooster cost $40. Having fresh eggs is a necessity for a rural family.  One year the farm raised over 300 chickens and showed farmers how this could easily be done.  Foxes are a constant threat to flocks.



The new cow barn, we constructed one year, has recently had a shed added on the side.  Cows are kept inside in through the harsh Romanian winters 20% below zero.



The seed corn project is one of our most popular ones.  For $35, a family can have enough Pioneer hybrid seed corn to plant one acre.  Daniel and Jerry share a moment before the planting begins.  Most families have no equipment, and therefore plant all their corn by hand. International Disaster Emergency Services has provided funds for seed corn for many many families.  Families are very appreciative of the generosity of American Christian Churches.


Jerry & Mary Sweitzer
P.O. Box 3628
Peachtree City, GA 30269
Ph:  (770) 461-4778
Cell: (678) 777-3696

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