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  Claudiu in Romania
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Claudiu in Romania

Claudiu in Romania
Dear Friends,
    With God’s help we were able to serve God with engines at full speed. We still experienced health problems with the children and Caleb had his regular larynx problems and we had to see the doctor for that, but we didn’t put him in the hospital as we had in the past few years. Corina and I had to take 7 to 10- days of antibiotics for infection, but we are fine now. Thank you very much for your prayers for my family, as Corina had no fainting problems. I was able to take Corina out in town to have a night out for dinner, as someone stayed with all 3 kids. We were finally able to eat out, just the two of us. Please continue to pray for our family’s health.
      Ministry is going great. We had our weekly youth meetings and we have about 8-10 young people coming. We changed the content, and I had some of the boys lead the group on different topics and then we had some Bible contests. They seem to enjoy it. I took them with me it a Revival Service in Ciuchici and they lead the Church in songs and I preached the Gospel and we ate together at the end. With some of them I meet weekly for teaching them English, using a Bible for kids. It seems to help them a lot. We were also able to take them in Resita at a youth meeting with all the young people from our association. We were about 150 young people there and we ate together at the end. It was an encouragement for them. From our Church came 15 young people. Please pray for the salvation of the young people.
     We were able to go this month with the young people in the Hospital and sing songs and encourage the people there and preach the Gospel in a simple way. The young people were encouraged too. Please pray for the salvation of those who have received the seed of the Word.
     I was invited to preach at a Revival service in Serbia, Straja, where I go with the Church in Pojejena every month in the fourth Sunday. This time I took the orchestra from the Church in Pojejena and I preached the Gospel. There were about 10 none believers. Please pray for the salvation of the people who heard the Gospel.
      We were able to continue our Soup Kitchen for those in need. We regularly gave food for about 30 people who came at Church on Sundays and for 30 people at the Nursing Home in Belobresca. It is a blessing for us to be able to show the love of Christ for these poor people. Please pray for their salvation.
     Corina met regularly with the kids and with the group of young moms. She is really excited for what she is doing. I am glad she is involved with me into ministry and she feels connected. I have to stay home with the kids when she has the groups as we have no other family with us, but it’s good that I get to spend the time with the kids. I also encourage her to meet regularly and spend time with her 2 young ladies in Church….that helps her disconnect from just being a mom and nothing else. Please pray for the salvation of the children and for Corina to have impact in the lives of those young moms and for her to have true friendships to help her.
      I continued to meet regularly with my young men that I disciple. They have so much passion for their friends who are unbelievers and for their parents who are not saved. I rejoice seeing them how they grow in faith and how they find ways to evangelize. We also started a group of prayer for men in the Church in Moldova Veche. It just started but it stirs their hearts Pray that God will use them for salvation of others and continue to grow them and for the prayer group to grow.
     We were able to participate with a few people from our church at a family meeting in Maranatha Church. We had a great time there with the people who participated. I was involved in Pojejena in a process of meeting with 2 families who are fighting for a piece of land and now are in court. I met with them personally and then brought them together. Please pray for a resolve and for the testimony of the Church not to suffer.
      I was able to go with Pastor Damian in visitation at the sick to give them the Lord’s Supper and it was an encouraging time for both of us. I also went to give the Lord’s Supper in the Nursing home in Belobresca to a sister from Pojejena. They were all so happy to see us. Please pray for the sick people in both Churches that God will touch their lives in a special way.
   In both Moldova Veche and Pojejena I have tried to find families every week to go in their houses and make pastoral visitation, jut to know them better. It was a blessed time both for me and for them. I also tried with my wife to invite families from Grace Church to visit us and also to connect with a family of believers who live next to us.  We were so blessed with that.  Please pray that I will have more impact in the lives of others and to be able to have close friends, as a family.
      I was able to meet personally with Pastor Sabin and to try to connect more, as we live in the same town and to try to find ways to work together for the enlargement of the Kingdom. I also met regularly a young men in Moldova Veche to help him in his spiritual life. Please pray that God will help me have more and more impact in the lives of others.
    I appreciate all prayers and your love and care for us. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact me. Be blessed and please continue to support us in prayers.
                   In Christ,
          Claudiu, Corina,
          Caleb, Carisa and Cris


Jerry & Mary Sweitzer
P.O. Box 3628
Peachtree City, GA 30269
Ph:  (770) 461-4778
Cell: (678) 777-3696

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